Boofi – Crimson Eyes (Out October 2013)

We are more excited than ever to bounce back into the music world with a stellar single by Boofi, “Crimson Eyes”, a chill-out electronica goosebump maker.

Remixes include an alternative self-interpretation (VIP Remix), a
straight-up tech house version by Danilo Vigorito and a proper house
music statement by Enzo Tedeschi and BiteOfire. We welcome your
feedback and look forward to your chart!

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Enzo Tedeschi at Don’t Touch Naples Festival 2013

Enzo Tedeschi joined a few hometown heroes to play Italy’s Don’t Touch Naples Festival for it’s 5th edition

The guys at Woo have been laying down this event to celebrate and honour their beloved city’s rich and and historic music culture

As it goes, way way back when in ancient…