One Each EP

  • Digital
  • Release Date // 13.11.2012
  • Cat # // NARD007


The guys had a meeting in the studio to talk business, which turned into talking tech, which turned into making beats. Funny how that happens, eh? The results equalled One Each EP, and adds up to two stellar dance floor weapons as well as release number 007 in the No-Attitude Recordings arsenal.

Enzo Tedeschi’s, “I Need It” has a soft and airy texture coalesced with wafts of thick bassline hinted throughout. The epic build, with a ‘hands in the air’ vibe, makes this tune a go to for big room, but its carefree ambiance transfers nicely for use in tighter spaces.

Vincenzo Perez is the newest and youngest member to the No-Attitude family, signed after the aforementioned studio session. “I’m Talking About” is pure underground at its finest; the bleeps, bloops and bassline fuse flawlessly to construct a proper groove guaranteed to make bodies roll.

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