LEAF 2013 London Electronic Arts Festival



LEAF & LWE Presents

Chris Liebing (Extended set)
Enzo Tedeschi
Michael Wells

Venue announced as The Laundry, 2 – 18 Warburton Road, E8 3FN, Hackney

This little known and rarely used space is the perfect location for what will be an intense night of driving sweaty techno from the master that is Chris Liebing.

Please be aware capacity is strictly limited and this event will sell out in advance!

For techno fans long set times are something of a staple, and for Chris Liebing playing a marathon set is a burning passion. Having built on years of experience within the realms of techno’s underground circles, he’s mastered the craft of the extended set.

This occasion is an opportunity to see CLR’s talisman take you on a journey through the genre, showcasing every nuance it has to offer as he delves even deeper into his song bank. Manipulating each element of track with a variety of live instruments, he’ll leave no stone uncovered or sound ignored. London’s fresh thinking electronic arts festival LEAF have pulled on the warehouse expertise of LWE in finding an undisclosed and very intimate warehouse space in East London.

Come and watch Chris Liebing crafting his set in this unique venue, using only the vibe of the crowd and energy of the room to direct his musical inspiration.

This is a limited capacity event.

Advanced Tickets: £17.50 – £25 + bf, but if you buy from the No-Attitude gang we’ll give you a real swell deal and even meet you to do the paper ticket exchange in East London territory. Hit us up : info @ no-attitude.co.uk