NARD025 Marco Colombino feat. Steven Jones – Whisper

  • Physical CD or Digital Download
  • Artist(s) // Marco Colombino
  • Release Date // 18.01.2016
  • Cat # // NARD025


Marco Colombino’s debut album may well be a step towards success and recognition for the Italian producer who has been mixing since the age of 16. An amalgamation of various influences from his contemporaries, as well as a desire to build something more refined and individual led to the creation of Whisper, the nine-track album that both surprises in it’s unlikeness to currently released tech and deep house albums, and makes the grade with its immaculate production and conciseness. Emotionally charged, the album is almost pop-y in tracks such as Believe and Firefly, but Colombino remains faithful to his tech house background in To The Limit and Whisper, which seem miles apart from the first few tracks. Breaking free from the barriers of the DJ “label” and delving into the realm of a musician who has his fingers in more than one pie, Colombino’s first album has a more universal feel to it; this is of course helped by the presence of Steven Jones on pretty much every track, whose spoken-voice technique can be likened to that of Maxi Jazz’s of Faithless, hypnotic and seductive, creating a poignant intensity that will appeal to listeners of assorted tastes. One thing is for sure – Colombino has made an assertive decision not to conform to a type, to break loose from the boundaries that so often limit DJ’s to one particular audience.

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