No-Attitude: Interview with Robin Drimalski (Watergate, Berlin)

We had a few minutes to catch up with Robin before he rolls through on Friday. Check it!

N-A: How long have you been a resident at Watergate?

Robin: Hmm… I think since 2007.

N-A: What night do you play?

Robin: I play once a month like most of the residents and there is no specific night or party name.

N-A: What does Watergate mean to you?

Robin: It is like my second home. I started working for Watergate more than 10 years ago and I still experience so many special moments. I am continually impressed with the vibe, the view, and the club…Something very special!

N-A: How would you describe your sound?

Robin: I would say I play the music that i would like to hear if I would be at said place at said time.For me it is important to play different styles in the beginning like a real warm up, a party should rock during the prime time and the people should leave the place with a good feeling so I play more warm and melodic in the end. In general, I play house and love synthesizers and samples, so you will here both in my sets.

N-A: I’ve heard you started out playing drum n bass?

Robin: Actually, the first thing I did was DJ for 2 hip hop groups. I was really into scratching and cutting back in the day. That then led to drum & bass and breaks and then finally house and techno. To further explain, me and some friends started throwing our own parties in my hometown, Wolfsburg, because there were no clubs with the music we liked. We just combined all the styles into one party.

N-A: If you weren’t djing house, what other genres would you play if given the chance?

Robin: Chill out, definitely.

N-A: Do you have a favorite track of all time?

Robin: Really hard to say as there are way too many good tracks. Music is a little bit like a diary for me… a lot of songs remind me of friends, special moments, a special time of my life, etc…An all time fave if it comes to house music is Mr. Scruff – Get a Move On.

N-A: Fill in the blank: If i am not djing or listening to music, I probably am:

Robin: Deaf.

N-A: It’s almost been 1 year since you’ve last played in London town. We miss you!

Robin: I miss you guys too! I am so excited to be back and playing for No-Attitude. Enzo and the gang are always a great time and the crowd never disappoints.