Enzo Tedeschi at Don’t Touch Naples Festival 2013

Enzo Tedeschi joined a few hometown heroes to play Italy’s Don’t Touch Naples Festival for it’s 5th edition.

The guys at Woo have been laying down this event to celebrate and honour their beloved city’s rich and and historic music culture.

As it goes, way way back when in ancient times, the King, Ferdinando di Borbone, made it his life’s mission to integrate and build a beautiful region filled with music. To begin, he bought a hillside villa with a park filled with exotic animals for his wife, The Duchess of Floridia. Next, he traded 18 precious pages from The Ercolano (Herculaneum papyri) for kangaroos. Another great feat he accomplished was inviting the first voice to San Carlo Theater. All of this was done in the name of the facilities successful completion.

For the fifth edition of the DTN (Don’t Touch Naples Festival), all animals have escaped, but the music lives on at that same location…

(Review by Francesco Cianciulli)