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Record Release Party

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Sal Goodman, Enzo Tedeschi, David De La Rua,
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10:00 AM
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United Kingdom
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We are uber stoked to be hosting our very first record release party. This vinyl and digital release showcases our artists and they will be gracing the decks for this special evening! Come here the sounds of our first release… a breath of fresh air and a welcome to summer!

Email for: Free before 11am, £7 before 2am
£5 Earlybird on RA, Students until 2:00
£10 otd


/// Enzo Tedeschi ///
Music producer, DJ, and now, record label owner, Enzo Tedeschi knows no other career path but dance music. He’s played clubs, parties, and underground warehouses for close to 20 years and crafted numerous events in Naples, Italy and London, United Kingdom. Enzo has released on Malatoid Records, Ifidota, and Apparel Music. His biggest venture to date is No-Attitude Recordings which was born earlier this year with releases slated to drop early May 2012.
/// Marco Baldassarre ///
DJing in Italy since 2003 and London since 2006, Marco is a deep minimal techno connoisseur and his style can best be described as relentless. Marco proves to have an edge that is hardly easily matched. His passion not only stems from the music on its own, but also and especially from the way a party evolves.
This enthusiasm is also empowered by an amazing sense of rhythm and a great knowledge of song construction and structure gained through formal training and production collaboration with other London based producers.
/// Sal Goodman ///
Born in the heart of South America and later relocating to Naples, Italy, Sal Goodman’s flavor mingles between that of his Brazilian roots and Mediterranean cultivation. He credits living in the south of Italy as truly inspiring as there is a remarkable communion between the Naples sea air and dance music.
/// David De La Rua ///
In early 2001, without knowing anything more than how to turn on the mixer, David de la Rua began to play music every weekend in a pub few meters away from his home town in Spain. He built a passion towards Funk, Soul and old school Jazz. It wasn’t until a few years later when he discovered electronic music when he held his first disc of Masters at Work in his hands.