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Music producer, DJ, and record label owner, Enzo Tedeschi knows no other career path but dance music. He’s played clubs, parties, and underground warehouses for 20 years and crafted numerous events in Naples, Italy and London, United Kingdom. His biggest venture to date is the Tobacco Dock residency with London Warehouse Events.

Born and raised in Naples, Italy, a city rich in historic music culture, Enzo’s love of music began as a tot when he begged for his first turntable. Musical sounds of his parent’s 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s records saturated his bedroom air from eyes open to close. Further inspired by his uncle, an avid music collector, Enzo began listening to more disco, funky, and soulful sounds of the 70s. The feel-good repetitive rhythms captured his curiosity and his hunger to know more grew. Developing his musical tastes, he gravitated more towards electronic sounds, more specifically, house music. At the ripe old age of 12, he frequented the local record store, Test Pressing, and requested music that was more of an underground nature. After shared chuckles with store employees, Enzo toted his new cuts home to hone and practice his DJ skills.

Not far after, Enzo was booked for private parties and at 15, was asked to play Cube, one of the most famous clubs in Naples, Italy at the time. By 1997, Enzo had played most Neapolitan venues and by 18, he successfully toured Italy.

By 2005 London naturally came calling, and he made the city, world-renowned for club culture, his new home. Knowing only a bit of English, he immersed himself in the circuit and began booking gigs, as his record bag spoke more than he. Enzo continued to build a following and was approached to play numerous underground parties in South and East London. Soon he was throwing his own underground events and more important bookings followed: Fabric, Ministry of Sound, Pacha, Cable, Cargo, XOYO, The Nest, Egg London, The Cross, The Key, Jamm, etc.

After being infected with the production bug for quite some time, in 2009, Enzo released a few tracks on Malatoid and Ifidota. Jump a year later, and he knew he was ready to be the proud parent of his own party brand and label, No-Attitude.

Late in 2010, No-Attitude was born with successful underground events hosted in the happening Shoreditch hood in East London. The parties showcased featured No-Attitude artists and special guests such as: Lee Jones, Wildkats, Addictive TV, Someone Else, Robin Drimalski, Maik Yells, Kisk, Freshkitos, and others.

May 2012 marked his first 12” release, as part of a compilation of No-Attitude Recordings artists. His tracks included “Attitude”, “El Pianista” with David de la Rua, “Fine By Me”, and “Get Up Together”. Experimenting with various subgenres and production concepts, intermittent EPs, singles, and remixes have followed. Having gained a better understanding of artistic direction through this experimentation, Enzo has set his stage as 2014.

Enzo continues to play at various European locations and most notably, Desolat & LWE’s New Years Day 2014 alongside Seth Troxler, Maceo Plex, tINI, Martin Buttrich, Heidi, Anja Schneider, and Yaya.

In August 2014 Enzo played his first Festival dj set at Creamfields alongside Adam Beyer, Seth Troxler, Martinez Brothers, Better Lost Than Stupid (M. Buttrich, D. Squillace, M. Tanzmann) Mark D’ Ground and Magda. Upcoming events include Sunday September 28th in Naples (Italy) and Friday October 10th in London alongside Pan-Pot and Yaya.