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In early 2001, without knowing anything more than how to turn on the mixer, David de la Rua began to play music every weekend in a pub few meters away from his home. A venue called “Pub Tibet”, built where his city’s old theater used to be, is the place where he found a collection of discs with names like James Brown, Nina Simone, All Green, Bill Withers, Maceo Parker, Incognito and many other artists from Motown and Atlantic, which were played for hours and ended up building his passion towards Funk, Soul and old school Jazz. It wasn’t until a few years later when he discovered electronic music as he held his first disc of Masters at Work in his hands.

His mother signed him up in the conservatory from where he joined the traditional town music band of Valdeorras (abertal), where he spent almost a decade traveling around the peninsula and many other European countries, achieving one of his most important dreams: record a CD. Later on during 2007 in La Coruña, he started toplay in a Punk-Folk local band called “Bastards on Parade” working on many arrangements and recording two singles. it was during his participation in this band when this audiophile showed us his adaptation skills. During 2010, David moves to London settling his operations headquarters in Shoreditch from where he launch this new project with “No attitude”. In 2012, he relocated to his hometown.