No-Attitude presents the first 3D Halloween ever crafted!

Hi, We Are No-Attitude 3D Launch Halloween!

3D Live Show by Lectrovision, Midiclorian, VincenzoSpagnuolo,
Soundtrack by Never Trust DJ’s
David De La Rua
Tomoki Tamura
Toni Loi
Charlotte Michelle 11th

Midiclorian, aka Javier Sala was born in Alicante (Spain) and received formal training in audiovisual communication. Emerging himself in art, he picks up new trends which allows him to develop projects in disciplines such as image, sound, electronics and informatics. Since 2004, he began his work into the world of veejing, and has appeared on national and international festivals that support his thorough and creative work.

“The concept of the alteration of visual perception is something that surrounds a man from his first experimentations with the image”, says Javier. “The eye is an extesion of the brain with a complex and imperfect function, and thanks to this, we can cheat it in many ways–or rather change its perceptive state… the alteration of the space and the depth. To that end, reality and space is really a backhanded concept”, and with this statement we invite to anyone disagree… WoW!!!